How to Get a Rebate

How to Get a Rebate. Rebates can offer substantial discounts, but they don't mean much unless you send them in. Here are some steps to get you on your way.

Review the details of the rebate on the product's package.

Determine what kind of rebate is offered. Sometimes it's cash back, and sometimes it's a free product.

Make the purchase. Save your cash register receipt.

Ask the sales clerk if you need to pick up a rebate form at the store, or if it is included in the box.

Get the appropriate rebate form.

Fill out the rebate form.

Cut the UPC (Universal Product Code) symbol from the product's box, and include it with the rebate application.

Include the cash register receipt with the application.

Include any other required documentation.

Make copies of all documentation, including the rebate form.

Send in the rebate application.

Prepare to wait several months for your check.

Call the company if you don't receive a check after two months.


  • Some stores require you to find your own rebate form from a host of forms displayed on the store wall. Ask a sales clerk to help you, if needed. The UPC symbol is not always the Proof of Purchase needed for the rebate application. Save all product packaging until you determine what is needed. Remember that every rebate offer is different. You might need to apply over the internet or send in a 3x5 card with your name and address on it. Companies often hire clearing houses to handle rebates. Find clearing house contact information under Related Sights'


  • Some rebates, especially those offered by computer companies, require you to sign up for other services. Make sure you know what you're getting into. Avoid assuming that you can get multiple rebates for multiple purchases. Sometimes only one rebate per family is offered.

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