How to Reapply for Housing After Being Terminated

If you receive housing through Section 8 and it has been terminated because of a contract violation, reapply to get your benefits restored. Not all Section 8 contracts can be reinstated -- if your housing was denied due to a drug conviction, for example, you may not be able to get your housing back. Show that you still meet the qualifications for your housing to successfully reapply. Contact the person that manages your benefits as soon as you're aware they've been terminated, so they can be restored as soon as possible.

Find the contract or set of terms that went with your initial Section 8 arrangement. Check the eligibility requirements for your housing. If you still meet them, go forward with the application.

Contact the person who managed your Section 8 application. Explain that your benefits were terminated, but that you want to reinstate them. Detail the reason for the termination, as well as your continued eligibility according to the guidelines.

Ask for a new application. It's unlikely that your benefits can be reinstated without applying the way you did when you first got the benefits.

Fill out the application, and include any supporting documentation. You will need pay stubs, recent taxes or W2's, utility bills, medical bills and any other statement of income or debt.

Attend any required interviews, and re-sign the forms. You may have to explain how the violation that terminated your housing the first time won't happen again.


  • Contact your local legal aid office for help if you are having trouble reinstating your housing and you still meet the guidelines.

    If you were receiving Section 8 benefits, you have to wait six months to reapply and will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.