How to Get Real Freebies

by braniac ; Updated July 27, 2017

You can find many freebies out there for whatever your looking for. From getting grants to pursue college to getting purchasing points at your favorite store, below are some online freebie websites that can save you lots money.

Step 1

Take advantage of free shipping when making purchases. There are great online discount stores that will save you money when you are able to get your purchases in the mail, shipping free., a retail shoe store, and apparel stores & Blue Nile offer great prices, FREE shipping, that can especially save you money during the holidays.

Step 2

Watch movies for FREE. Again, take advantage of the Internet as it has many sites that offer hundreds of your favorite television shows and movies. Don't worry, it's legal if you go to sites like, Hulu, and Veoh. Don't neglect big time networks that stream videos of your favorite shows like ABC and CBS.

If all else fails, go to the library, which is one of the most overlooked places to borrow not only books, but music CD's, movies, popular audiobooks, and television show volumes.

Step 3

. Cut your travel expenses by taking advantage of airline freebies. Some airlines are helping customers save on little perks like baggage checks and meals. Southwest lets you check your bags and Jet Blue allows you to have unlimited free snacks and meals. Continental will not charge you a seat for children under 2 (if they sit in your lap)

Step 4

Rack up on purchase points that you get by shopping at your favorite stores. These purchase points are valid through an organization called BondRewards which allows these points to be redeemed for other purchases on items or as cash.

Step 5

Save money and get birthday freebie goodies. Toys R Us has a birthday club that you can sign your child up that will give them a free birthday gift card. Popular eateries like Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone, and Famous Dave's offer free meals and desserts for a birthday child.

Disneyland offers birthday packages that can save a family hundreds of travel dollars. Disney also offers one free admission into the park for your child's birthday. More birthday package websites below.

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