How to Raise Money on the Internet for Personal Needs

How to Raise Money on the Internet for Personal Needs
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In times of hardship, you may find yourself in need of financial support beyond what your friends and family can provide. The Internet offers an effective medium for both fundraising and sharing your personal story. Stories that tug on the heartstrings of the public, such as someone going through a medical diagnosis, employment troubles or other humanitarian issues, can create an interest in helping through donations.

Build a Platform

Build a platform to tell your story to the public. Use a blog or personal website to explain your history and why you are seeking donations. For example, if you are battling cancer, tell readers about your journey, both before and after diagnosis. Include photos of you, such as pictures of you spending time with your family, engaging in hobbies, and even photos of your medical care if you are comfortable sharing them. Use social media posts to share snippets of your story and link to your blog. Encourage friends and family to do the same on their social media pages.

Payment Ease

Making payment quick and easy is critical to fostering an influx of donations. Online donations are ideal, but if the consumer has to go through many steps to make a payment, or if you use payment sites that don't appear professional, it can stop a person from donating. Crowdfunding websites are also an effective platform for raising money, keeping donations funneled through one specific website. However you choose to collect donations, avoid asking for cash to make your fundraising efforts more reputable.

Making the Pitch

Be clear and respectful when requesting donations. If you feel uncomfortable asking for personal assistance, relay how your struggle fits into a wider issue, such as the amount of people struggling with cancer. According to Fox Business, asking more than once increases your chances of success substantially. Social media could be an effective tool for making your pitch frequently. However, don't inundate people with requests. Be respectful of people's time and social media news feed space.

Spread the Word

Not everyone can make a financial contribution. Encourage those who can't donate to spread the word to their contacts instead. This can be done through social media, by emailing or by blogging about your journey on their own platform. If you are only fundraising through your own circle of contacts the financial results are very limited. Spreading the word can give you far greater reach. If you can get your cause to trend online, local media may pick up the story as well, leading to greater exposure.