How to Raise Your Limit on a Secured Credit Card

How to Raise Your Limit on a Secured Credit Card
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A secured credit card has a credit limit determined by the amount of money you put up as collateral. Secured credit cards are often used by consumers who wish to raise their credit score, establish credit history or rebuild a good credit file. While making timely payments is important, maintaining proper credit utilization is also important. Increasing the credit limit on a secured credit card can improve credit utilization and therefore increase a credit score.

Call the credit card company with which you have your secured credit card. The customer service number is usually shown on the billing statement or the back of the credit card. Follow the prompts to speak to a live agent.

Tell the customer service agent you want to increase the limit on your secured credit card. Provide your name, address, account number and any other information needed to verify the account. You may be asked for your Social Security number and/or your date of birth.

Make a payment with either another credit card or a checking account. The payment amount will be determined by the credit limit increase you wish to have. If you have a $300 secured credit card and you wish to have a $1,000 limit, you will need to make a $700 payment. If you cannot make the payment over the phone, ask for the mailing address and send a money order to that address.

Ask the agent how long it will take to process the request and verify the new credit limit after the stated time has passed.


  • If you have had your secured credit card for more than 12 months, you can ask to have it converted to an unsecured card.