How to Qualify for H&R Block Emerald Advance

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H&R Block prepared more than 24 million tax returns in 2010. Many of those taxpayers expect a refund of some amount from the IRS. One service that H&R Block provides to its clients is a federal refund anticipation check, which allows the client multiple ways to receive his anticipated federal refund faster than a refund check mailed from the IRS. Many clients choose to receive the advance on their refund on an H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCard.

Locate the nearest H&R Block office. Navigate your web browser to the official H&R block website. Enter your zip code in the “Find an Office” field and click on the green arrow to search.

Schedule an appointment with a tax professional at the most convenient office to your location. Bring your tax documents, such as a IRS Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement, with you at the time of your appointment.

Prepare and file your taxes with the assistance of the H&R Block tax professional.

Ask the tax professional at H&R Block about getting a refund anticipation check on the H&R Block Emerald card if you expect a refund. Complete any paperwork the tax professional provides you.


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