How to Qualify for SKIP Health Insurance in the State of Texas

The State Kids Insurance Program, or SKIP, is a program that was created in 1999 by the state of Texas. The purpose of the program is to give children of state employees access to affordable health care. If you work for the state and qualify for the program, SKIP will pay most of your child's health-insurance premium. Depending on your income level, you will pay $15 or $25 per month.

You must meet family income and size guidelines to be eligible for the program. Currently a family of four, including a spouse and children under the age of 19, can earn approximately $3,675 a month or $44,100 a year to be eligible.

Provide proof of income. The easiest way to do this is to provide a pay stub that is within 60 days before or after the date on the application.

Provide verification for your expenses. You can include current receipts or canceled checks from your bank or financial institution. Expenses can include the amount paid for your telephone bill, electric bill or other monthly bills.

Download the application from the ERS or Employees Retirement System of Texas website. You will need to provide all verification and proof that is required when sending the completed application.

Avoid common mistakes that can delay your enrollment in the program. These include not entering your Social Security number on the application and including children in your household that are over the age of 19.

You will have a 90-day waiting period for health coverage if you are a new employee. During the waiting period you can apply for SKIP and coverage will begin the same month as your regular health insurance coverage.


  • View the SKIP presentation on the ERS website for information about eligibility and how to apply. It is available in PDF format.


  • If the application is not correct or verification information has not been provided your enrollment will be delayed until all requirements have been met.