How to Put Money in Someone Else's Bank Account

How to Put Money in Someone Else's Bank Account
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While you can’t just withdraw money from another person’s bank account, you can deposit money if the situation calls for it. As long as you have the other person’s account information and all paperwork is filled out properly, you can make the deposit. Just make certain the person knows you’re putting money in his account. You don’t want him wondering where it came from.

Deposit a Check

Send a Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a direct transmission of funds from one back to another. Begin the process by requesting a wire transfer form from your bank. Provide all the necessary information on the form, which typically asks for your name, address, account number, and the amount you wish to submit. In the beneficiary section of the wire transfer form, write the account holder’s information. In addition to personal information, you'll have to provide the recipient's account number and the routing number of his bank.

Once the form is complete, submit it to your bank, along with any necessary fee. This will vary by bank, but typically ranges between $15 and $30. Fees may vary based on whether the wire transfer is domestic or international. Some banks also allow you to make wire transfers online.

Deposit Cash

If you want to deposit cash into another person's account, follow the steps for making a check deposit. Go to a bank, complete a deposit slip, and provide the cash to the teller. Since cash transactions are hard to trace, be extra sure to get a receipt for any cash deposits.