How to Purchase a Mobile Home in New Jersey

How to Purchase a Mobile Home in New Jersey
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Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are usually a cheaper alternative to purchasing an existing dwelling or having builders construct a brand new home on a plot of land that you own. Mobile homes can range in price from about $15,000 to more than $100,000, depending on size and style. There are a variety of mobile home options in New Jersey to suit your specific needs.

Determine the type and location of the mobile home that you wish to purchase. In New Jersey, there are newly constructed mobile homes and used mobile homes that you can purchase to put on a plot of land that you already own. There are mobile homes that are part of an existing community, such as an over-55 community, and there are used mobile homes on an existing plot of land.

Qualify for a mortgage. Unless you have the ability to pay for the mobile home out-of-pocket, you will have to secure a mortgage. Check the banks in your area to see the loan amount for which you qualify and to obtain the best mortgage interest rate.

Search the Internet for mobile homes that are for sale in New Jersey. There are communities such as Homestead Run and Pine View Terrace that offer mobile homes for sale. There are also Internet resources such as MHVillage, Mobile Home Park Store and Mobile Homes For Sale Buy Owner that allow you to view mobile home communities in New Jersey, mobile home manufacturers in New Jersey and mobile homes that are for sale by owner.

Contact a local real estate agent in the area in which you want to live. Real estate agents will show you used local mobile home listings or they will provide you with listings for plots of land if you are interested in buying land on which to place a new mobile home.

Choose the mobile home that you wish to purchase. Consider the New Jersey area in which you wish to live, the size of the mobile home, whether it is new or used and the price that you can afford.

Once you have determined the loan amount and have found a mobile home that you wish to purchase, make an offer. This can be done through the real estate agent, by contacting the seller or by entering into a contract with the mobile home manufacturer.


  • You may wish to contact a real estate attorney when purchasing a mobile home. The real estate attorney can review the contract of sale between you and the seller or mobile home manufacturer, as well as check into any local zoning laws if you are purchasing a mobile home to place on a plot of land.