How to Purchase Ford Motor Stock Directly

Ford Motor Company is the only major American automotive company that didn’t file for bankruptcy in 2009. Because of this, you may want to purchase stock in the car company. Typically you need to purchase stock through some sort of stock brokerage company and pay a processing fee, but it is possible to purchase the stock directly from the Ford Motor Company.

Launch your Internet browser and navigate to the website.

Click the “Investors” tab in the upper right corner of the display screen. This opens a new page specifically for investors of the Ford Motor Company.


Select “Buy Ford Stock” from the “Investor Relations” section. This launches the “Computer Share Investor Centre.”


Click the “Buy Now” button next to “Ford Motor Company.” There is a minimum of $500 that needs to be spent to purchase the stock.


Click “Create Login.” A new page loads. Type in the ticker symbol “F,” followed by your Social Security number and your ZIP code and click “Submit.”


Add your payment information and type in the amount of money or stock you want to purchase. Submit your order to complete the direct stock purchase process.



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