How to Pull Up My Veteran Affairs Benefits Online

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The new Veterans Administration benefits website, dubbed "the gateway to benefits information" gives veterans access to their benefits information online 24 hours a day. A basic registration on the site allows you to view general or basic educational information without having to verify your identity. In order to access your personal veteran's benefits information on the website, you must upgrade to a premium account by visiting a regional Veterans Administration office, where you have to show proof of identity.

Visit the Veteran Administration's benefits website at Click on the "My eBenefits" link. Click on the "Register in person" link in the "About My eBenefits" section, which should take you to the "Registration-Premium Account" page.

Go to step one and click on the link, which says, "read the entire overview page before you try to register." Read the information on the page and make sure you understand it before you proceed.

Register for a basic online account by clicking on the "Register online for a Basic Account" link. Provide your name, address, your name while you were serving, date of birth, gender and Social Security number.

Get the activation code from the confirmation message you see after completing the registration. Activate your account by following the instructions given to you. Write down your generic user name and password, which you can change after you log in the first time. Return to the eBenefits home page and log in with your new Department of Defense (DS) login information.

Click on the "Visit a VA Regional Office" link to find the nearest VA office in your area. According to the website, you should bring a government-issued identification like a passport, driver's license or an original or certified copy of your DD-214 to the nearest VA Regional Office to upgrade to a Premium account. Access your veterans affair benefits online once the VA office upgrades your account.

Log out of the site completely after you finish viewing your files in order to prevent illegal access to your private account information. Contact the eBenefits customer service by phone at 1-800-983-0937, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST, if you have questions on how to use the eBenefits website.


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