How to Change Banks for an SSI Check Deposit

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The Social Security Administration offers the option to receive your SSI, or Supplemental Security Income, disability benefits via direct deposit. Instead of sending you a paper check in the mail each month, your SSI payment is deposited directly into your bank account. Once you sign up for direct deposit with the SSA and your bank, you do not need to remain with the same financial institution, but there are steps you must follow to make the change.

Open an account at the new bank where you wish to receive your SSI direct deposit payments. Tell the new bank that you are switching your SSI direct deposits from another bank.

Complete a Direct Deposit Sign-Up form (1199A) at the new bank. Save time by printing the form from the SSA website and filling out the first two sections. The last section is to be completed by your new financial institution.

Inform the SSA that you wish to change banks for your SSI payment, and provide the name of the new bank and the routing number of your new account. You may do this in one of two ways: either call Social Security toll-free at 800-772-1213 or call the local SSA office. To find the Social Security office nearest to you, use the locator on the SSA website.

Close your old account only after you check your bank statement to verify that your SSI benefits are being deposited into your new account.


  • You can manage direct-deposit payments online if you have a password to perform online transactions with the SSA.