Prosystem FX Tax Training

CCH ProSystem fx Tax is a powerful software solution used by many of the country’s leading accounting firms to automate income tax return preparation. It allows accounting and tax professionals to work with a paperless tax preparation solution, which means this portion of their professional services can become much more efficient. Before a new customer can get started on the software, they should complete ProSystem FX tax training to ensure that they understand the most effective ways to use it to benefit their clients and their accounting firm.

ProSystem FX Tax Software Overview

One of the most challenging aspects of working in the tax field is that the legislation is updated regularly. It is difficult to stay on top of changes in federal and state laws and provide good customer service.

CCH ProSystem fx Tax is an award-winning tax preparation and compliance solution that gives you access to thousands of tax forms and schedules. The online platform means you have access to up-to-date federal and state forms, and the software automatically does the calculations for you.

ProSystem FX Tax Software Features

ProSystem fx Tax comes with some impressive features to help your firm prepare tax returns accurately and ensure that your clients comply with tax guidelines.

  • Schedules and Forms Filled in Automatically

Instead of having to remember to fill in the same information across multiple forms and schedules, the software fills in this field automatically.

  • Efficiency Increases, Costs Decrease

ProSystem fx Tax lowers the risk of human errors due to oversight when a figure is not carried over onto a form or schedule as part of an income tax return. When the number of errors is lower, costs also drop since less time is devoted to having to correct them.

  • Personalize your Software with Modules

Buy the modules that closely reflect the type of work you do most often for your clients. Available options include Individual, Corporation, Partnership, Employee Benefit Plan and Estate and Gift. Add more as your business grows so you will always have the right type of tax preparation software to fit your clients’ needs.

ProSystem FX Tax Training Available

Wolters Kluwer, the tax and accounting firm behind CCH ProSystem fx Tax, offers training on the company website. Since this software is geared toward tax professionals, the training is meant for accountants and tax preparers.

  1. Visit the Training/Software page on the website.
  2. Select CCH ProSystem ​fx​ Tax from the list shown.
  3. Click on it to see a list of subtopics.
  4. Click on the subtopic you would like to learn more about.

Subtopics on the list are:

  • IT Consulting
  • Administration and E-Filing
  • Setup
  • Best Practices Consulting
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to CCH MY1040Data
  • Introduction to Individual Returns
  • Introduction to Partnership Returns
  • Introduction to Corporation Returns
  • Introduction to S Corporation Returns
  • Introduction to Worksheet View
  • Introduction to CCH ProSystem fx Planning

5. Learn more about the course.

When you click on a specific course in the subtopic menu, you will discover the course objectives, along with who would benefit from taking the course, basic information about the course (the difficulty level and prerequisites). At that time, you can decide whether to register for web-based or on-site training.

Up to 15 people at a time may attend a training session. Single-client (one-on-one ProSystem fx training) is also available.