How to Get a Promotional Code for Airline Tickets

Airline tickets vary in price based on factors such as the time you book the tickets and number of stops on the flight. Planning and buying tickets in advance can help you get the best price. You can also save money using promotional codes for airline tickets, which are available from numerous sources.

Find codes on airline websites. An airline's promotions website page may include promotional codes for airline tickets and for costs such as hotel stays. Some airlines, such as Southwest Airlines, provide special software that you can download to your computer. The software notifies you of promotions directly from the airline. Bookmark your preferred airline's promotions page to make code-searching easier.

Find codes on travel booking websites. Third-party travel booking websites perform many of the same functions as travel agents. In particular, travel-booking websites can work directly with airlines and related travel vendors to have access to current promotional codes and information about future offers.

Find codes from card companies. Credit and charge-card companies offer their customers various benefits. Depending on the card company, the benefits may include discount offers and promotional codes exclusively for the company's cardholders. Check your card company's website or call your card company's customer service line to find out about promotional codes it may offer.

Find codes on travel-coupon websites. These are websites whose sole purpose is to aggregate promotional-code and discount information that they find on primary source sites. Some provide content exclusively from their own search tools. Others allow site users or visitors to provide information about, and links to, promotions. Because these sites generally provide second-hand promotional links, pay close attention to expiration dates.

Find codes on coupon websites. Some popular general-coupon websites have sections for airline-ticket codes. Although these sites may have a smaller and more sporadic selection of codes, it is nevertheless worthwhile to check whenever you are hunting for discounts.