The Procedure for Obtaining Employment History from the SSA

As a job seeker or loan applicant, you are required to complete an application form, which asks for past employer data, such as earnings, and names and dates of employment. Giving erroneous information can make you seem unprofessional; therefore, you should try to obtain the correct information. The Social Security Administration (SSA) can give you your employment history.


Obtain Form SSA-7050-F4, Request for Social Security Earnings Information from the Social Security Administration website. Use the form if you need certified or non-certified Detailed Earnings Information, which includes your employment dates, and employer names and addresses; or Certified Yearly Total Earnings, which includes your annual earnings but not employer names and addresses. If you do not want your Yearly Total Earnings certified, complete Form SSA-7004, Request for Social Security Statement, to obtain a record of your year-by-year Social Security earnings, and estimate of benefits that you and your family may be entitled to.


To request Detailed Earnings Information or Certified Yearly Totals of Earnings, include the following information on Form SSA-7050-F4: your name, address, Social Security number, birth date, requested information, such as Detailed Earnings or Certified Yearly Totals of Earnings, number of years the search should span, and if applicable, your fee--a fee chart is included with the form. Sign and date the form, include a daytime phone number and put the name and address the information should be sent to.


The SSA charges a fee for certified and non-certified Detailed Earnings Information. For example, a four-year search costs $22.50; if you want the information certified, include an additional $15. The administration charges for the Detailed Earnings Information because it takes significant time to prepare it. The process includes pulling detailed earnings data from microfilmed records. The SSA does not charge a fee for Certified Yearly Totals of Earnings.


The SSA accepts payment by check, money order and credit card. Complete the enclosed form to make a credit card payment. Mail Form SSA-7050-F4 and your payment to the address stated on the form. Allow the SSA four months from your submission date to process your request.