How to Print Electronic Checks

How to Print Electronic Checks
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If you pay through electronic checks on the Internet for bills or purchases then you might want a copy of the check itself. This can be beneficial when going back over your bills, or if you need them for any other purpose, such as taxes. You can print your electronic checks in a few simple steps right from your printer at home.

How to Print Electronic Checks

Ask that the merchant or company that you have paid email you a copy of the check. An email with the check in it allows you to have it on the computer.

Go to your Inbox on your email. Check for the electronic check.

Open the attachment that the electronic check is in. Click on the "File" menu on the top left of the program it opens in, such as a PDF viewer or Microsoft Word.

At this point you may choose to save a copy of your check to your computer as well, by simply navigating to the File menu, then selecting "Save" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Click on the "Print" button in the File menu. Choose the printer and specifications you would like your printed copy to have.

Click OK. Take your completed copy of your electronic check and file away for your personal records. If desired, you can print off additional copies at this time using the same steps as outlined above.