How to Prequalify for a Credit Card

Do you need a credit card, but don't want the "hard pull" credit inquiries on your credit report each time you apply for a credit card? Too many credit inquiries on your credit reports can be a factor in lowering your credit scores. Some people are even denied credit for having too many inquiries. Read on to see how to prequalify for a credit card.

Visit the popular websites of the credit cards you would like to apply for. Look for sections on their sites that are labeled "prequalify for a credit card," "credit card preapproval," or "get pre-selected for a credit card." See if they offer a pre-application process that involves either a "soft pull" or non "hard pull" predetermination form. This way you can see whether they have predetermined the card that best matches your projected credit status.

Visit credit card forums to determine credit card approval rates for the credit cards that you are interested in. If you know that the lowest credit score generally accepted for a certain card is 670 for example, and your scores average around 650, then you know that you have a higher chance of being declined.

Examine your credit reports ahead of time to see what the credit card companies will have access to when they do pull your consumer files. Take the time to review them for errors and to analyze the credit areas in which you may need to improve to boost your credit profile and scores. This way, you will have helped prequalify and pre-classify yourself to the credit cards that you are more likely to be qualified for.

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