How to Get a Post Office Card Account

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Post Office Card Accounts are bank accounts designed to allow customers to collect benefit payments. The Post Office Card Account can be accessed through all post offices in the UK. This card account can only be used to receive benefits, tax credit payments and state pensions. No other kind of payments are accepted into the account. A credit check is not necessary for you to be able to open this type of account.

Request a "Letter of Invitation" for a Post Office Card Account at your local job center.

Take the completed "Letter of Invitation" to the nearest local Post Office.


Request a Post Office Card Account from the post office clerk. Submit the "Letter of Invitation" to the clerk. The request takes a minimum of two weeks to process.


Obtain your "Letter of Acceptance" and Personal Identification Number (PIN) through the mail two weeks after the request.


Take the "Letter of Acceptance" to your local Post Office. A Post Office Card Account card will be issued to you. The Personal Identification Number obtained through the mail is linked to the issued card.



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