Places to Sell Household Items for Cash

If you are like most people, you have at least a few unused and unneeded items hanging around the house. If you know where to look, you can turn those unwanted household items into cash. Whether you turn to online auctions and classifieds or just set up a yard sale in your driveway, you can get cash for those unwanted items and clean out the clutter in your home at the same time.

Online Auctions

If the household items you have to sell are small and relatively easy to ship, you can sell those items at online auction sites. Large and bulky items might be prohibitively expensive to ship, so be sure to check the estimated shipping costs before listing your items. You can get an idea of what your unwanted items might bring by checking the completed auctions on the site. Just search for similar items to see what they brought in the most recent auctions.

Classified Ads

You can use newspaper and online classified ads to sell your unneeded and unwanted household items. Check the prices of the classified ads in your newspaper as well as the word count permitted. Some newspaper classifieds allow you to list your items for a set price until they sell, while others limit the amount of time you can list the item without paying a charge. Online classified ads are a good way to sell your products as well, and many of those online classifieds are free.

Yard Sales

Getting rid of your unwanted household items can be as simple as setting up a couple of folding tables in your front yard. A yard sale is an excellent way to get rid of your household items and turn them into cash, especially if you live in an area with high foot and vehicular traffic. If you live in a development, you can get together with your neighbors to host a development-wide yard sale and allow everyone in your neighborhood to clear out their garages and storage sheds.

Flea Markets

If you have a flea market in your area, you can set up a stand to sell your household items and turn them into cash. If you have more than one flea market within easy driving distance, it is a good idea to visit all of them as a customer and assess the amount of traffic you see. The more traffic a particular flea market attracts, the better your chances of getting rid of all your household items and getting a good price.