Places to Get a Scholarship in the Study of Orthodontics

Orthodontics students face steep education costs across the United States. Orthodontics skills are taught as part of an education in dentistry. A handful of institutions and agencies award scholarships for the study of orthodontics, including colleges and universities, individual orthodontics offices, as well as nonprofit and grant-making foundations. To find scholarships in a specific area, contact a local orthodontics program at a college or university.


Colleges and universities offering orthodontic programs also offer financial aid to students, including scholarships. Orthodontics students at the University of Southern California are eligible for scholarships through the school and various specialty divisions of the school, such as the USC Black Alumni Association and the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund. The Tufts School of Dental Medicine offers loans as a primary source of educational funding although it does award merit scholarships to the most academically successful students. Other schools offering scholarships to orthodontics students include the University of North Carolina, the University of Florida and the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

Orthodontist Offices

A number of orthodontist offices throughout the United States offer scholarships to students of the discipline. Kadar Orthodontics of Sewell, New Jersey, awards $750 scholarships as of 2011 to graduating high school students intending to pursue a career in the field. Gill Orthodontics offers a similar scholarship, for $1,000 as of 2011, to students graduating from Mount Vernon High School in Evansville, Indiana. The scholarship provides $500 for the fall semester and $500 for the spring semester. Stormberg Orthodontics in La Mesa, California, awards scholarships to students on the basis of a 500-word essay on the topic “Why Self-Confidence is So Important.”


The American Dental Association provides funding to students of all types of dentistry through the Dental Student Scholarship Program and the Underrepresented Minority Dental Student Scholarships. These awards are made in discretionary amounts based on available funding each year. The Cleft Palate Foundation awards the James F. Mulick, DDS, MS, Orthodontic Scholarship Fund scholarship to orthodontics students who have completed graduate school and are participating in professional training such as a residency or internship. As of 2011, the scholarship comes in the amount of $500.

The Government

Branches of the U.S. military provide special funding for medical or dental school to those who participate in military programs. The Army Dental Corps takes on future orthodontists and dentists and funds their education provided those individuals agree to serve in the corps upon graduating from dental school. The Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program provides full scholarships to individuals who agree to work for the Navy upon graduation, as well as a $20,000 for joining the program in 2011. The Air Force and the National Health Service Corps administer similar programs.