How to Get a Picture on Your Debit Card for Bank of America

Bank of America offers a program called Photo Expressions, which allows cardholders to use a personal photo as the background for a Visa Preferred, Gold or Platinum Plus credit card. As of 2010, this program is not available to debit card holders. However, debit card holders can personalize their cards through MyExpression Banking, which offers background images ranging from Hello Kitty to sports teams.

Go to Bank of America's home page and search for “MyExpression Banking.”

Browse the list of options on the “MyExpression Banking” page. As of November 2010, featured options include “Travel and Entertainment,” “Nature & Wildlife Causes,” “Professional” and “Patriotic.” Click on a specific option for more information; any option that offers "Checking" will include a debit card.

Click on “Shop for Products” to view the debit card design for the option you chose. Select a card that reflects your personal interests or organizational membership. For example, Bank of America offers an “I Love New York” card, a Betty Boop card, military-themed cards, and cards with college logos.

Click “Open Now” to apply for the card through the website, if you do not already have a Bank of America account. If you do have an account, contact Bank of America at 800-414-4229 to switch to a MyExpressions account. Your card should arrive 1 to 2 weeks after the bank approves your application.