How to Pay a Sony Credit Card Online

How to Pay a Sony Credit Card Online
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Sony, like many other electronic companies, offers a credit card through the Visa credit company. While using the Sony card you earn points and may use the accumulated points towards Sony gear. Although you more than likely receive a monthly billing statement in the mail, you may choose to pay the credit card bill online instead of mailing out your check to the company. Submitting an online payment is far more secure and the payment is applied to your account faster

Open your Internet browser and navigate to "" Once on the site either type in your user name and password (if you already have an online account) or click "Join Now." If you are creating a new account, type in your name, email address, desired user name and password, then all the required information relating to your credit card. Submit the information, then log into your account.

Choose "Pay Bill." A payment page appears on the screen.

Choose how much you want to pay on the card, then select "Next."

Type in your payment information. If paying from a checking account, type in the routing and bank numbers found on the bottom of your checks, and include the bank you use.

Choose "Submit" and the payment is sent to Sony. The change in balance typically takes one or or two business days to be applied to the card.