How to Pay School District Taxes Online

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Most people don't realize that the largest single tax on their property tax bills often is the tax for the local school system. In many areas this is as much as 20% of the tax bill. Different areas of the country have different methods of accepting payments and different times of the year when the taxes are due. It's important to find out when these taxes are due and to pay them in a timely fashion.

Visit your city or county website. It is often easier to make tax payments via these websites. Look for a menu item that offers the ability to pay taxes online, click on it and follow the instructions. You will most likely need the information on your current tax bill, so keep it handy. Be sure to print out any receipt that is offered and keep it for your records.

Check out national bill-paying programs to see if they offer online tax payments for your area, such as Sites like this one allow tax officials to register their local communities so residents can pay school taxes from one site. also allows you to pay state and federal taxes through the site.

Call your local tax assessor. If you are unable to find an online school tax payment method from either of the above methods, ask your local tax assessor if there is a method of paying online. If not, suggest that they adopt such a method in the near future.