How to Pay Monthly Bills on Time

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The payment due dates on your monthly bills matter, and paying attention to them has tangible benefits. When you pay your bills on time you avoid paying late fees and build a good payment record, which can help your credit score. Try different strategies to ensure you pay your monthly bills in a timely manner.

Pay bills as they arrive

Unless there is a mail delivery problem, bills usually arrive in your mailbox or your email account well in advance of their due dates. If you pay them the same day you receive them, you greatly reduce the risk of missing a due date.

Establish a reminder system

If you prefer to sit down and pay several bills at once rather than paying individual bills as soon as they arrive, open them when they arrive to find out the due date. Next, use a reminder system such as a paper or electronic calendar, or a smart phone app. Check your calendar regularly and once a week pay all the bills that will be due the following week.

Use a Credit Card

Find out if your financial institution has a recurring bill payment option in which your bills can be automatically paid using your credit card. This system has a couple of benefits. It lets you pay your bills even when you don't have enough money in your checking account to cover all the bills. It also takes care of the scheduling for you and leaves you with the sole task of paying the bill for the credit card itself at a later date.