How to Pay Your Indiana Taxes Online

The state of Indiana allows residents to make state income tax payments online. This is accomplished using Indiana's ePay system, managed by the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). Making online tax payments is convenient and much faster than sending payments through the mail. It's also generally safe and secure.

Go to Indiana's DOR (Department of Revenue) website using the link in Resources. Click on "Pay Electronically," and then click on "Individual Tax" and "Begin using Epay."

Select "Tax Return Payment" and click "Next." Select the applicable tax year and choose your filing status (such as single or married). Type your full name and Social Security number and click "Next."


Type your spouse's name and Social Security number if you filed jointly. Click "Next," and then select your payment method and click "Next" again.


Type your credit card or bank account numbers. Select the amount of the payment you wish to make. Click "Next" to review and finalize the payment.



  • Contact the Indiana Department of Revenue at 800-457-8283 if you additional concerns or need further assistance. You may also be able to make a payment by telephone.