How to Pay a CRA Online

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The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is the central taxation authority for Canada. If you need to make a payment, you can do it in person or via mail-by-check to the nearest CRA. There is also an option to pay your CRA online using a tool called My Payment. This payment option allows individuals and businesses to pay from an account using a participating Canadian bank.

Check whether you have an account at one of the participating banks. If not, you might consider setting one up. Participating banks as of December 30, 2009 were BMO Bank of Montreal (personal accounts only), Scotiabank, RBC Royal Bank and TD Canada Trust.

Go to the CRA's My Payment Website. Click "Before You Start" to see when your account will get updated. A quick schedule is provided. Hit the "Back" button and Click on "Start My Payment" to continue.

Opt for either individual or a business entity to make payment. For an individual, you can make a payment on your balance, an installment payment or make a promise to pay upon filing your next return.

Input the payment amount as well as the payment allocation, if any. Enter all payment details. You will be asked for your social insurance number. Repeat this process for additional transactions (allocations).

Confirm the details on the confirmation page and then pay using the secure service that INTERAC provides.