How to Pay Canadian Taxes Online

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The Canada Revenue Agency allows you to complete your tax returns digitally and make your tax payments online, meaning you won’t have to bother with paper forms or checks at any step of the process. Your taxes must be paid by April 30, unless that date falls on a weekend or public holiday, in which case you can file the next day.

The CRA Website and Other Options

To pay your taxes online, choose from either of two main options. First, you can pay via debit card through the Canada Revenue Agency’s website under “My Payment.” Second, you can pay through your bank’s website the same way you would pay a utility bill, by looking for the CRA payee information from the bank’s database -- although Scotiabank is the only bank that offers this option to nonresidents. If neither of these two payment methods works for you, you can also arrange a pre-authorized debit payment at the CRA website under “My Account.” If you wish to pay by credit card, you can do so online for a fee using the private company Plastiq.