How to Find Out Who Charged Something Against My Visa Card

Visa credit cards allow individuals to make a wide variety of purchases without having cash on hand. These cards also allow individuals to pay merchants for things that they typically cannot purchase with cash, such as rent, hotel rooms and airline tickets. A person can charge an item to his Visa card in two ways: a user-initiated purchase, where he gives his credit card to a merchant (or enters the information online) and a vendor charge, where a merchant places a charge onto a person's credit card. You can find out who placed a vendor charge on your credit card in a few steps.

Call the Visa Global Assistance hotline at 1-800-847-2911. Press "0" to talk to a live agent.

Provide the customer service agent with your name, Visa card number and secret password. You may need to provide your Social Security Number for security purposes.

Give the Visa customer service agent the details of the questionable charge, including the date the charge posted to your account and the amount of the transaction. The agent will tell you what person or company placed the charge on your account.