How to Find Out Someone's DSS Caseworker

How to Find Out Someone's DSS Caseworker
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The Department of Social Services (DSS) provides services and programs to the general public, including low-income individuals and families, such as Medicaid, Food and Nutrition Services, Workfirst and Foster Care and Adoption assistance. To serve large populations of individuals and families needing services, a case worker is usually assigned to handle individual client cases and records for a specific caseload of people. If you need to locate a person's DSS caseworker to report an issue or for other matters, resources are available to assist your search.

Gather information about the individual. It's beneficial to at least know the person's last name as caseworkers are assigned to clients based on their last name in some agencies. For example, if an individual's last name is "Thornton," a DSS caseworker presiding over the "S" through "Z" zone would be a point of contact.

Obtain contact information. Check the DSS's website to acquire the agency's phone number. Contact information can usually be found by clicking the "Contact Us" link.

Contact the agency's customer service or switchboard operator line and give the person's last name. Ask the representative for the name and contact information for the caseworker assigned to individuals with that particular last name.

Review the original paperwork associated with the individual's case, if she gives you permission to view the information. In some instances, the DSS caseworker's contact information is printed on the document.


  • Although you might be able to obtain the caseworker's contact data, due to confidentiality, she cannot discuss any information related to the person's case, such as updates regarding specific issues, without prior written authorization.