How to Find Out If Someone Has Applied for a Credit Card

When someone applies for a credit card there are several ways to find out. A paper trail is established whenever a credit transaction takes place. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look for certain information. When you apply for a credit card, it can have an effect on your credit report. To apply for a credit card you must provide the credit card company with a certain amount of information such as your name, Social Security number, and date of birth, address, place of employment and sources of income.

Review all possible sources. Take a look at the possible resources that will determine if someone has applied for a credit card. The credit card company would have the information. You can also take a look at the bottom of the person’s credit report for the credit card company inquiry. Whenever someone applies for credit, the company they apply with leaves a credit inquiry. This will have the credit card company’s name and address. .

Choose the source you would like to check. Look at the inquiry on the credit report. Verify the name of the credit card company, address and phone number. The fact that there is an inquiry means that the applicant applied for credit. Inquiries remain on a credit report for two years. Too many inquiries can lower your credit score. The longer inquiries are on your credit report the less of a negative impact they have.

Call the credit card company. Get the phone number from the inquiry and receive the status of the application. You will need a legitimate business reason for reviewing someone’s credit file, such as a creditor looking to approval someone for credit. The application will have a status of pending, approved, and denied or more information will be needed to make a decision.

Wait for the person to receive information in the mail. Anyone that applies for credit will receive information in the mail regarding the status of their credit application. When someone is approved they will receive an approval letter from the credit card company. A credit card will be issued shortly after the approval letter is approved. The applicant will need to call the toll free number on the credit card to get it activated. You will need to speak with the applicant to see if any information was received in the mail.