How to Find Out the Owners of Mobile Home Parks

How to Find Out the Owners of Mobile Home Parks
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Many times, mobile home park owners will authorize property management companies to handle all of the day-to-day park management needs, such as collecting rents or dealing with repairs and upgrades. If you need to find out who owns the mobile home park you can contact the management company to ask. If they don’t know or are unwilling to provide the information, you can still find out who owns the park by doing a search of public records.

Find out the correct address for the park. You will need the actual street address rather than a P.O. box. If you live at the mobile home park, ask the park manager for this information. If you don’t live there, you can stop by to ask or find out the address through a search of the real estate appraiser’s office of the county and state that the mobile home park is in.

Search online for the property appraiser’s office. If they have online searching capabilities begin your search by entering the property address information for the park. Look through the results Once you locate the name of the owner as shown by the property appraiser, take down all of his contact information. The appraiser’s office will list the owner according to his most recent update of the public records, however, to be certain this information is still accurate, you must search the county records.

Locate the county clerk’s website and look for their online searching link. Enter the owner’s name as shown on the tax appraiser’s website in the name or grantor/grantee search fields, and then click “enter.” Double check to be certain you entered the information in the manner specified by the website. Carefully examine all of the documents listed on the printout. Look for the document, most likely a deed, that gave the property to your current owner. Check the printout from the date that the owner acquired the property through the last document that was filed. If you find no more deeds or orders that transfer the property to another individual you've found the current mobile home park owner.


  • If a property management company is shown as the owner, you can find out more information on the state’s government website. Run a search of the property management company under the corporation name search.

    If the appraiser and clerk’s offices do not offer online searching capabilities, you must go in person to find out this information.