How to Find Out How Much Is On My Visa Gift Card

How to Find Out How Much Is On My Visa Gift Card
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Visa gift cards are an alternative to sending cash or checks through the mail. The recipient can use them anywhere he sees the Visa sign, and the sender doesn't need a credit check to buy one. If you've received a Visa gift card, it's important that you're aware of how much money is on it. If you try to make a purchase and have insufficient funds on your card, your transaction will be declined -- which could be embarrassing for you and the vendor.

Check the documentation that came with your Visa gift card. This will include the starting balance on the card.

Log into the online account linked to your gift card. If you haven't registered for this, you'll find details in the materials that came with your card. Not all card issuers will offer this service. Visa's website has a list of online Visa Gift card issuers.

Call your card issuer. If you've misplaced the documentation that came with your card and haven't registered for online access, you'll need to telephone the issuer of your card to make inquiries. Most issuers supply free phone numbers that you'll be able to find online or on the back of your card. Others may charge a fee for checking your balance over the phone.