How to Find the Original Listing Price of a House

How to Find the Original Listing Price of a House
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Purchasing a new home can be a stressful experience. Home buyers often wonder if they are getting a good price on the real estate they are considering. Often a home or property may be on the market for quite some time, with price reductions offered at various intervals. Knowing the original listing price of a property helps a buyer ascertain what the seller considers the value of his home, and may make a real estate transaction more financially appealing.

Obtain the street address of the home for which you would like to know the original listing price. Searching for listing prices is easiest with a full address. However, knowing the town name and approximate price range can yield good results as well. Most homes advertised for sale give their location and address in the listing.

Place the home address into the browser of the online real estate site called Zillow. The full listing should immediately become available. If you do not know the home's full address, you can search through the site by town name and approximate price range.

Scroll down to the section called "property history." All prices at which the home was previously listed should appear here. Another real estate site with a similar feature is called Trulia, and the multiple listing service,, offers a property records search option as well.

Ask a real estate agent to obtain the property record information for the home you are interested in. Although home prices and listings are considered public records, in some states a Realtor may have access to more detailed documentation.


  • Some home listings do not include an address, but instead offer an MLS (multiple listing service) number. Most real estate search engines can help you find property information by plugging in the MLS number instead of a full address.