How to Organize Credit Card Receipts

How to Organize Credit Card Receipts
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Maintaining control over your receipts is important not only to achieve a life that is free of clutter but also to ensure that you are able to find the receipts when and if you need them. This is just as important when it comes to credit card receipts, especially when you've purchased big ticket items, such as a television, or if you need to compare your receipts against questionable statements. While there is no perfect organizational solution that fits the needs of everyone, learning different techniques to organize your credit card receipts decreases your risk of losing them or having to waste time searching for them when you need to refer to them.

Separate and prepare receipts by company. Work in an area where you can create distinct piles. Create a pile for each credit card that you have. Divide your receipts so that you are separating them by credit card provider. Take each newly created pile of credit cards and organize them by date.

Store the receipts in boxes. Purchase plastic boxes or use empty shoe boxes. Place a sticker or label on each box and write the name of a credit card company on each box. Paper clip the receipts by month and place them into the appropriate box. Store them in a closet or some other out-of-the-way location until they are needed.

Keep an accordion file or folder. Purchase a small accordion file from an office supply store and choose one that will fit receipts. Create tabs with the names of each of your credit card providers. File your receipts by its provider and date under the appropriate tab. When your credit card statement arrives, pull the appropriate receipt from the accordion and staple it to the invoice. File your statement in an appropriately tabbed file or as you would normally handle your bills.

Scan the receipts. Create a folder on your computer specifically for receipts. Within that folder create subfolders and name them for each credit card provider. Using a scanner for your computer, scan a copy of each receipt into its appropriate file. Eliminate the excess paper that receipts represent by shredding the original receipt after you have confirmed that the image has safely been saved into your computer.

Send the receipts away. Paid services such as Shoeboxed will scan, organize and store your credit card receipts to an online account for you.(see Resources) Select the appropriate level of service for your needs and then mail or email your receipts in to the company. Log on to access your account and review your files when needed.


  • Start organizing your receipts in your purse or wallet by keeping credit card receipts separate from other types of receipts.

    Organize your credit card receipts immediately after shopping.

    Consider disposing credit card receipts after comparing them against your statement unless they are for big ticket items.