Organizations That Build Low-Income Housing for the Poor

Organizations That Build Low-Income Housing for the Poor
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A variety of organizations exist to construct homes for low-income individuals. These organizations include both faith-based enterprises and secular groups. In either case, these organizations tend to utilize donated supplies, cash support and volunteer labor to build durable, safe homes for economically disadvantaged individuals and families.

Habitat for Humanity

An ecumenical Christian ministry, Habitat for Humanity began constructing homes for poor families in 1976. By the end of 2009, the organization constructed over 350,000 homes in 3,000 communities around the world. During the period from its founding through the end of 2009, Habitat for Humanity provided safe, comfortable homes for over 1.75 million people.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities--a philanthropic arm of the Roman Catholic Church--is involved in constructing low-income homes of all types. These include single-family residences and multifamily properties. The low-income housing construction program started as a church and private sector partnership through which developers and contractors agreed to donate labor, supplies and equipment to build residential property for economically disadvantaged people.

Home Works

Home Works partners with the non-for-profit sector and private business enterprises to design, develop and construct affordable homes for low-income people. A primary objective of Home Works is to provide economically disadvantaged people the chance to obtain long-term housing solutions.