What Organizations Accept Used Book Donations?

What Organizations Accept Used Book Donations?
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Surrounding oneself with books is admirable, but let's face it: there is only so much space for all those books on your shelves. When it's time to de-clutter, donating unwanted books to charitable organizations is a great solution. Plenty of groups and organizations will be thrilled to have your literary castoffs, and you may even get a tax write-off out of the deal.

Donate to Libraries

Many public libraries accept used book donations. Concerned that your book is a little too well-loved to be put in circulation? Libraries often choose to sell donated books instead, which provides them with much-needed additional funding. Contact your local library to see if they will accept your donation of used books, and in what condition they require the books be.

Donate to Goodwill

If you've ever been to your local Goodwill store, you couldn't have missed the piles and piles of books for sale there. Goodwill branches generally accept all used-book donations, and the proceeds from their sale is used to help fund the good works that they do in the community. Additionally, the very low prices for used books at Goodwill means that your books may very well go to someone who wouldn't have had the money to purchase them otherwise.

Nursing Homes

Especially if you have a selection of larger-print books, nursing homes are often pleased to accept your used books. Be sure to call your local nursing homes first to be sure they can use your donation as some may not have space for more reading material.

Got Books?

Got Books? is an organization that accepts book donations. A for-profit company, Got Books? examines all the used books donated to them and determines whether they will be resold at a retail store or donated in bulk to one of several worthy charitable organizations. Many charitable organizations only take large shipments of books, so in this way Got Books? allows people to donate to organizations they otherwise wouldn't be able to. Got Books? offers pickup in some areas, or donations can be shipped to their address.