How to Find Free Options Trading Courses

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Options trading allows traders to set up a wide range of trading strategies from conservative to aggressive. However, options trading is not a simple process. The options industry provides training courses that take a new trader from the basics of how options work up through advanced trading strategies. Beginning traders should take several course programs to reinforce the tools and techniques of options trading.

Go to the Options Industry Council (OIC) and select the "OIC Education" link on the top menu bar. The OIC provides an interactive options training program as well as live chat and forum training information. All of the training material is free to use.

Select the "My Path" option on the OIC education Web page. You will be required to set up a personal access account. Complete the required information for an account.

Take the "My Path" assessment test. The test will determine your level of options trading knowledge. The OIC education website will set up a personalized online training course based on your assessment results. Start taking the courses in the order suggested.

Go to the Chicago Board of Options (CBOE) website and enroll in their options training program. The CBOE program is called Options Institute Plus and can be found under the education tab of the website's main menu.

Set up a virtual trading account through the CBOE website. The CBOE offers three different virtual trading programs under the "Tools" menu. The virtual systems use the same trading platforms as some online brokers that specialize in options trading.


  • Use a virtual trading account to practice the strategies you learn in the options trading courses.

    Stock brokers that specialize in option trading also provide option educational information.

    Use a practice trading account to try out and develop your strategies. Do not trade with real money until your are consistently profitable in a simulated account.


  • Options trading is risky and can result in a 100 percent loss of your investment. It is important to understand the risks before trading options with real money.