How to Opt Out of TransUnion

How to Opt Out of TransUnion
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TransUnion, Equifax and Experian are the three largest credit management bureaus in the United States. Consumers often receive preapproved offers of credit or insurance based on their overall credit score and on credit report information obtained by creditors from these types of consumer reporting agencies. Individuals wishing to opt out of all prescreened credit offers can easily do so by mail, online or by phone.

Mail Option

Write a letter to TransUnion that states your desire to opt out of all further prescreened credit offers. Include your first, middle and last name (including any prefixes or suffixes), current address, previous address (if you moved in the last six months), Social Security number, date of birth and signature. Mail the letter to: TransUnion Name Removal Option, P.O. Box 505, Woodlyn, PA 19094.

Online or Telephone Option

Opt out of prescreened credit offers online by visiting the website. You can choose to opt out for five years or permanently. The five year opt-out option can be completed online, while the permanent option requires the Permanent Opt-Out Election form to be printed, signed and mailed. Consumers may also opt in to prescreened credit offers using this website. Questions or over-the-phone processing can be done by calling (888) 5OPTOUT or (888) 567-8688.