About Oppenheimer Mutual Funds

Oppenheimer Mutual Funds (now called OppenheimerFunds, Inc) is an asset management company that has been helping people with their investments since 1960. The Oppenheimer Mutual Funds offer a wide selection of investment products to individuals, institutions, and corporations. Oppenheimer Mutual Funds are headquartered in New York, NY and has assets of over $250 billion under management. Products offered by Oppenheimer Mutual Funds include mutual funds, retirement plans and education savings plans. With over 65 different mutual funds, an investor is surely able to find a product to suit his needs.


OppenheimerFunds, Inc. as it is known today can be traced back to a brokerage firm founded in the 1950’s called Oppenheimer & Co. After a series of restructuring in the 1960’s and 1970’s, it wasn’t until 1996 that OppenheimerFunds was renamed from its Oppenheimer Management Corporation predecessor. Up until the late 1990’s, OppenheimerFunds were mainly focused on retail mutual funds. In the late 1990s, the company expanding it’s offerings to offshore and international funds as well as into the commodities market. In 1990, institutional domestic equity portfolios were being offered. Today, the OppenheimerFunds still provide a multitude of retail mutual funds, but also has offerings for high net worth and institutional clients.

Products Offered

Oppenheimer Mutual Funds offer a variety of products to suit a multitude of investor needs. These products include mutual funds in various fund categories including global, growth, large growth, value, quantitative, portfolio solutions, taxable bond, municipal bond, specialty, money market, cash reserves and institutional with a large concentration of funds investing in bonds. In the retirement plans arena, products include the traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 403(b), and 401(k). Educational Savings Plans products include the 529 Plan and Coverdell Educational Savings Account.

Fund Performance

According to Morningstar, there are several five-star funds in the Oppenheimer Funds portfolio of funds as of 2/28/09. These include the Developing Market Fund, International Bond Fund, Quest Opportunity Value Fund and the Rising Dividends Fund, Inc. Falling closely behind with a 4 star rating are the International Growth Fund and the Limited Term Municipal Fund. An investor should know, however, that future results are not guaranteed by past performance.


Oppenheimer Mutual Funds has an award-winning website. According to DALBAR WebMonitor, for the January through March quarter of 2007, Oppenheimerfunds.com was rewarded with a rating of Excellent. The award was given for the website’s functional yet innovative approach to providing online financial services.


Before an investor invests in any product, they should carefully review the investment’s objective, expenses, and risks. Each investor investing in or considering investing in the Oppenheimer Funds should read the mutual fund prospectus. The prospectus provides detailed information about the past performance of the fund as well as information about the fund and company management. Remember, also that shares of these funds are not guaranteed by a bank or insured by the FDIC.