How to Open a Bank Account & Receive Cash

A bank, credit union or savings bank may entice customers by offering attractive incentives to open a new account. These incentives can include free checking, a linked savings account, online bill payments and various other account features. In a recent trend, some banks have won over new clients by offering cash. You can get cash for opening your next checking account, too.

Find a bank, savings bank or credit union that offers cash incentives to customers who open new accounts. Chase and E-money Central are some examples of national institutions that offer cash with new accounts. Several smaller regional banks make cash offers to new customers as well.

Open a checking or savings account, according to the qualifying terms of the cash offer. Most banks required a minimum amount to open the account. Some banks require a direct deposit and others insist on a minimum number of monthly transactions through the online bill payment feature.

Receive the cash bonus as an additional deposit into your new account. Most banks take two to three business days to establish a new account and release the deposited funds to the customer. The bonus is added to the account at that time. Use your ATM card or online banking portal to check on the availability of your cash bonus.