How to Obtain Texas Property Management Licensing Requirements

Do you have to have a license to be a property manager in Texas? It's the question that's probably on your mind if you'd like to dive into the property world in the Lone Star State. Yes, there are specific Texas property management requirements that must be met before you can step into this role.

The most important one is that you need to obtain Texas property management certification. Take a look at what you need to know about Texas property management requirements.

Do You Need a Property Management License in Texas?

Yes, a property management license that Texas property professionals use is required before you can manage a property. In Texas, aspects of property management like leasing and renting are actually considered real estate activities. As a result, these activities are subject to all current real estate laws. You'll need property management certification if you intend to do any of the following as a property manager:

  • Lease real estate
  • List real estate for lease
  • Negotiate the lease of real estate
  • Attempt to negotiate the lease of real estate
  • Find real estate for lease
  • Manage acceptance or deposit of rent

If you carry out any of these roles, it will be necessary to obtain a broker's license in most cases. For many people in property management, it's simply easier to go through the training to obtain this certification than it is to try to find ways around it because operating without a license can be very limiting. Training and certification can simply make you better at your job because you will understand leasing and rental laws better once you're licensed.

Exceptions to Property Management Licensing

Can anyone be a property manager even without obtaining a Texas property management certification? There are exceptions where the property management license Texas requirements are waived.

The first is if you are simply managing your own home as a rental. An example would be if you are relocating out of the state for a year for work. You may decide to simply lease your home to renters to make some money instead of selling the property. You are free to rent out your home for income without the need to complete any Texas property management requirements.

Another exception is for salaried employees of rental or lease companies. If you’re an employee working for a licensed property manager, you can do your job duties without the need to have any special real estate or leasing licenses. Texas also waives all Texas property management requirements for people who are employed as community managers for things like condo or neighborhood associations.

How Do You Obtain Property Management Certification in Texas?

A real estate broker's license that allows you to act as a full-service property manager is issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission. To obtain your license, you must be a legal Texas resident, United States citizen and above the age of 18. You'll be required to complete ​270 classroom hours​. You must also show proof of an additional ​630 hours​ in related coursework.

How Do You Become a Property Manager in Texas With No Experience?

If you want to gain hands-on experience, the best way to do this without first obtaining a broker's license is to rent out your own property. If you'd like to be a little more official, you can apply for jobs at property management companies where you'll be able to work on behalf of the owners without obtaining your own license. You can then begin preparing for certification to be able to serve as a full-scale Texas property manager while working for yourself.