How to Obtain Texas Property Management Licensing Requirements

The Texas Real Estate Commission is responsible for licensing and regulating the state's real estate professionals. Under the Texas Occupations Code, the Residential Service Company Act, the Real Estate License Act and the Timeshare Act, certain real estate professionals are required to obtain real estate licenses. Although the commission requires brokers, inspectors, agents and developers to be licensed, it doesn't require many property managers to do so. However, if you list, offer to list, exchange property or negotiate real estate contracts for third parties in exchange for compensation or in anticipation of future compensation, you will need to apply for a Texas real estate license.

Take a property management course. If your sole job duties are to provide property management services for a landlord or owner of an apartment building, you aren't required to obtain a property management license. Although you aren't required to enroll in such a course, you may benefit from enrolling in one.

Call 512-936-3000 or send an email to the Texas Real Estate Commission to verify whether you will need a Texas property management license.

Apply for a Texas real estate salesperson license from the commission. You will need to complete several classroom seminars, pay a licensing fee, obtain fingerprints and pass a written board exam.


  • Under Texas law, attorneys aren't required to obtain a real estate license to help their clients buy or sell their homes.

    If you collect rent and perform other traditional property management services, such as ensuring that tenants comply with their leases and that they move out when their leases expire, you won't need a license. If you help your landlord rent property and obtain a commission for finding tenants, you will need one.

    The Texas Legislature enacted a law requiring property managers to become licensed if they manage single-family homes and accept security deposits or are responsible for releasing them after August 2011.