How to Obtain a Sales Tax Exempt Number

A sales tax exempt number is a number that you can present when you purchase items for your non-profit business or organization and you will not have to pay sales tax on the items. Each state issues sales tax exempt numbers and you can only use a sales tax exempt number in the state in which it was issued. A sales tax exempt number is commonly issued as a sales tax exempt certificate with the number displayed on the certificate. Organizations that typically qualify for a sales tax exemption are schools, religious organizations, non-profit and charitable organizations.

Complete form 1023 from the Internal Revenue Service website if you have not already done so and you have a non-profit organization. While not required for all organizations, having a tax exempt certificate from the IRS is helpful in obtaining a state sales tax exemption.

Contact your state's tax division at the department of revenue or department of taxation by phone or online to obtain a sales tax exemption application.

Fill out the application with the details of your business. You will need to list what type of business you have, such as a charity, a church or a school. Submit your completed application to the address listed on the form. Be sure to include a copy of your bylaws, financial history, state business registration and your exemption letter from the IRS, if you have one. When your application is reviewed and if approved, you will be issued a sales tax exempt number.