How To Obtain a Receipt For Personal Property Tax

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Personal property taxes are levied by state or local governments on the value of personal property such as cars, boats, furniture, business equipment and similar items. If you paid your personal property tax for the previous year and have misplaced the receipt, you need not continue searching fruitlessly in frustration. You can easily obtain another receipt.

Each jurisdiction will have its own mode for fulfilling requests for personal property tax receipts, whether online, phone, mail, personal visits or some combination so get in touch with that office immediately to initiate your request.

Contact your county courthouse to learn the procedure. In case you have relocated, ensure you are contacting the county where you lived when you paid the tax.

Go to the correct county courthouse and find the office for tax receipts. Check the building directory for the correct room, if necessary, or consult one of the security guards.

Present personal identification to the clerk such as your driver’s license. The official will then print a copy of your tax receipt. Some counties charge a small fee for printing duplicate tax receipts so have cash or checkbook on hand, since most courthouses do not take debit cards.


  • Personal property taxes are deductible as an itemized deduction on Internal Revenue Service Schedule A so you will want to keep your receipt so you have proof at tax time.


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