How to Obtain a Copy of a Maryland Income Tax Return

A Maryland resident may need a copy of a past income tax return and find himself unable to locate a copy in his records. This is not unusual, people lose things, and the Maryland Department of Revenue can provide you with a copy of one of your previous tax returns upon your request, free of charge.

Obtain a copy of any of your previous tax returns by requesting a copy from the Maryland Department of Revenue in writing. You must either mail or fax this form; email and phone requests are not accepted. Request a fax number by calling your local taxpayer service office.

Compose a letter to be sent to the Maryland Department of Revenue requesting a copy of a previous year tax return. Include in your note the tax year of the return you need, your full name, your spouse’s full name if applicable, the Social Security number of the primary taxpayer, your full address and telephone number. If you’d like the return sent to an address different than your home address, specify the delivery address on the letter. Sign and date the letter.

Mail your letter to the Maryland Department of Revenue at any of the local branch office addresses (See Resources).


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