How to Obtain North Carolina State Income Tax Forms Without a Computer

Despite the rise in technology, not everyone owns a computer or is adept at searching the Web. When tax season comes around, even computer savvy individuals often opt to file their taxes using the government-provided forms so that they can conceptualize what they need to do, as well as lay out the instructions on the table as they work. Even if someone prefers to use the computer to file their taxes, many people do not have printer capabilities or worry about what would happen if the tax return did not go all the way through when submitting it electronically. If you need to obtain a North Carolina State income tax form without the use of a computer, follow these steps.

Call the N.C. Department of Revenue Service Center. The state taxing entity for North Carolina has a toll-free phone number through which you can order forms to be mailed to you. To request forms via telephone, call (877) 252-3052. Be sure to call during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (For other toll-free numbers regarding your N.C. state income taxes, visit the link under Resources)

Visit a North Carolina Service Center. There are 12 N.C. Dept. of Revenue Service Centers throughout the state, all of which provide walk-in services. Visit, a link under Resources, to find the addresses to the service center closest to you. If you are unable to visit the list of service center locations online, call the above toll-free number to request the address of the closest service center.

Write the N.C. Dept. of Revenue to Request a Form. If the closest service center is not within reasonable driving distance for you to pick up the form, you can also write the Department of Revenue to request that the income tax form be sent to you via U.S. mail. The address to write your request is: The North Carolina Department of Revenue, Post Office Box 25000, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27640-0640.

For an even easier and immediate way to pick up a tax form, try visiting your local public library or post office, both of which usually carry most tax forms for the states in which they are located. Libraries often have tax advice services around tax season as well, where you can receive free tax help to file your tax returns.