How to Obtain Free Grant Money

A grant is a financial contribution that the recipient receives without incurring any obligation to repay the grant monies. Grant applicants might be students looking for assistance to further their studies or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to establish a business. Nonprofits also search for available grants to fund their activities. If applicants meet the specific requirements of the grant-givers, they can receive grants that will allow their organizations to develop, grow, build and expand.

Check out what free grant money is available through federal grants (see references). The government lists the federal grants that are available to fund an organization or activity which will meet a need the federal government deems to be of public interest. Some examples are grants for different forms of rural and agricultural development, urban community development, health research, nutrition education and environmental programs.

Investigate the grant programs of individual universities. Each university's Office of Financial Aid will have a listing of free grant money available to students who meet the grant's criteria.

Research foundations provide free grant money to causes and activities that match the foundation's mission statement. Search for a foundation whose aims and goals match those of the applicant. Some Internet sources assist in locating foundations that offer grants, including what kind of grants are available, the terms of each grant and the deadline for submitting grant applications. These websites include, and

Find out if any faith-based groups are providing grants for the activity or project that needs funding. Some religious groups give grant money to fund programs that match their own objectives.