How to Find Grants for Nonprofits

How to Find Grants for Nonprofits
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Nonprofit organizations by their very nature often need financial assistance. This assistance can come in the form of charitable donations and it can also come in the form of a grant. Grants are given to individuals and to nonprofit organizations without the expectation of reimbursement. In other words, grants are given without any need for repayment. However, to receive a grant, it must be applied for — and it is important to apply for the right grant.

Visit the United States of America website page that is dedicated to nonprofit organization grants. Under the heading “Grants, Loans, and Other Assistance” will be a series of hyperlinks pertaining to various subheadings, beginning with “Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance” (which has even more listings for various grants for nonprofit organizations) to “Surplus Government Property for Governments and Nonprofits” (which is designed to provide government land to local governments and nonprofit organizations). Another useful site to visit is Grant Gopher, which has an intense listing for both individuals and nonprofit organizations.

Go to the Fundsnet Services Online website. This is another website that is nonprofit grant list intensive. Each grant subject is subdivided into different areas, such as “Animal & Wildlife Grants” and “Education & Literacy Grants.”

Make a list of grants for which the nonprofit organization qualifies. Read the requirements for each grant carefully, making sure that the organization requesting the grant fulfills each requirement. For example, grants such as the Root-Pike WIN deals specifically with nonprofit organizations that are concerned with preserving and protecting land in the Root-Pike Watershed. Focus on those grants which strongly align with the mission of the nonprofits applying. For example, if a nonprofit is dedicated to promoting diversity in teaching, grants designed for increasing awareness of minority problems might be a potential fit.

Read the guidelines for each grant carefully and download any application forms. Make sure to read the application forms thoroughly and provide all required information. Some grant applications will ask for a small fee (usually for processing the grant application) and will provide instructions on how to provide payment.

Write a proposal, describing the nonprofit organization and what that organization’s mission is. The proposal, which will usually be attached with the application, is basically the resume of the nonprofit organization. Make sure that any and all information is current and accurate. Any awards, citations or public relations-related material should be addressed in the proposal, as well.