How to Obtain Connecticut Will Probate Records

You may have inherited some money from a Connecticut friend or relative and are now awaiting payment. You may be curious about the terms of the will and the amount of your inheritance. In Connecticut, wills are filed with the probate court for administration. You can obtain a copy of the probate records of a will by contacting a Connecticut Probate Court.

Enter an Internet search for “Connecticut Judicial Branch.” Go to the “Courts” link on the top left side of the page.

Choose “Probate Court” then “Directory” from the drop-down menu. You will see a list of towns with probate courts. The towns are listed in alphabetical order.

Pick a town from the list. You will see the contact information of the probate court that serves that area. The will is usually probated in the town nearest to where the decedent lived or owned property.

Write down the address and phone number of the relevant probate court. Go to the probate court.

Ask the court clerk to see the probate records for the decedent. Provide the court clerk with the full name of the decedent and case number, if known.

Read the will and the probate file. Ask the court clerk to provide you with a copy of the will and any other probate records of interest. Pay the clerk the copy fees.


  • Connecticut has 117 probate judges. Call any local probate court if you do not know where the will was filed, and that court can direct you to the proper court.

    At the time of publication, Connecticut probate records are not listed as being available online. You will have to contact the probate court.