Non-Profit Organizations That Help Repair Credit

After going through a difficult financial time, many consumers find themselves with negative information on their credit reports. While removing negative information on your own is possible, it can be more time consuming and difficult than most people can tolerate. Choosing a non-profit organization to help repair credit can allow consumers to raise their credit scores without spending all their free time working on it.

Family Credit Management

Family Credit Management is a Christan organization licensed as a non-profit with a goal of helping consumers rid themselves of debt. The company has working relationships with many major banks, as well as institutions that back retail store cards and other financial products. To help consumers repair their credit, the company works with its customers to consolidate debts into one amount, with one equal monthly payment. The company works with lenders to lower interest rates and fees to lessen balances, reducing the total amount owed. Customers then make one payment to Family Credit Management, who then distributes the funds among creditors.

Family Credit Management 4304 Charles Street Rockford, IL 61108 866-322-7247

Money Management International

Money Management International is a non-profit organization and one of the largest credit counseling companies in the U.S. The company has been in business since 1958 and has a goal of helping its customers achieve financial freedom. Services offered by Money Management International include credit counseling, debt management assistance, financial education programs and bankruptcy filing assistance. In person workshops and counseling sessions are available throughout the year, as well as phone and online assistance. Through it's debt management program, the company works with financial institutions to establish reasonable and affordable repayment plans. Customers then make one payment to Money Management International, who then disburses it to the individual creditors.

Money Management International 4141 Southwest Freeway Suite 1000 Sugar Land, TX 77478 866-889-9347

Christian Debt Consolidators

Christian Debt Consolidators is a non-profit organization that provides customers with options to help rebuild credit and keep a positive credit rating. Each potential client works with a trained credit counselor to review his debts, monthly payment obligations and the past repayment history. The company then works with the customer's lending institutions in order to renegotiate terms, interest rates and monthly payment amounts. After negotiating agreeable terms, the customer will then make payments to Christian Debt Consolidators, who is then responsible for paying each creditor. Customers receive the benefit of having on time payments posted to their credit reports, with no indication that they are in a debt management program.

Christian Debt Consolidators 201 SE 15th Terrace Suite 206 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 866-958-3328