New York Summer Camp Scholarships

New York Summer Camp Scholarships
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From the hustle and bustle of New York City to the peace and quiet of the Adirondack Mountains, the state of New York is full of diverse and varied landscapes that are perfect for summer camps. Whether you prefer an urban or rural setting, summer camps can be found all across the state for kids and adults. According to, over 300 summer camps can be found in the state, ranging from traditional overnight camps to fine arts camps to sports camps. A variety of different types of New York summer camps offer scholarships for campers who cannot afford the camp costs.

Educational Camps

Campers interested in the environment can attend a New York State Department of Conservation Environmental Education Summer Camp for a combination of environmental educational classes and traditional camp recreation activities. The Air and Waste Management Association-Niagara Frontier Section sponsors an annual scholarship that covers the $350 cost for the week-long camp at one of four locations across the state. First-time campers will be given priority for the scholarship with recipients chosen based on interest in the camp as shown through a personal essay.

Special Needs Camps

New York also has camps and camp scholarships for kids and adults with special needs. The Baker Summer Camp Program, sponsored by Autism Speaks, provides scholarship money to autistic children to attend a New York summer camp that caters to children with autistic spectrum conditions. Scholarship recipients must be financially disadvantaged, be diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder and have potential to benefit from a camp experience.

Day Camps

Ideal for younger children and those who are not comfortable away from home, day camps in New York also offer scholarships. The Time Tunnel Summer Day Camp at the New York State Museum in Albany caters to first through eight graders with a wide array of activities like games, arts and crafts and educational classes. Scholarships for the Time Tunnel Camp help to cover camp costs for needy families and come from several private donors, funds and businesses.

Church Camps

Church camps for all denominations also exist across New York, like the Berkshire Hills Emanuel Camp in the Berkshire Foothills that offers a Jewish camp experience to kids ages 7 to 15. Families with financial need who cannot afford the camp costs can apply for a scholarship from the camp offering varying amounts of tuition assistance based on the family’s income. Before applying for a scholarship, campers must be registered with the camp and have paid the $250 registration fee in full. Applicants must also submit the family’s income tax return and recent paystubs.

Sports Camps

Popular with kids of all ages, sports camps provide an opportunity to hone athletic skills while having fun with peers. The Sport Boosters Club at Gates Chili High School in Rochester sponsors an annual camp scholarship for an athlete in grades eight through twelve to participate in a summer sports camp. The $150 scholarship goes to two female and two male athletes based on the student’s essay and coach recommendations.